Release Notes - 2.25


These release notes contain new features, improvements, and fixed issues in release 2.25.
Release date: Tuesday, 2020-09-15 between 20.00-22.00

New Features and Improvements

This section describes new functionality and changes in existing functionality.

New add-on - Trapets InstantWatch AML Export

This app generates an automatic daily file export of the type GoAML Sweden which is automatically uploaded to an SFTP server provided by Trapets which contains all data for customers, accounts, transactions, assets, KYC questions, etc. from Bricknode Broker.

New add-on - Nordiska Värdepappersregistret export

This app produces an export file of subscriptions/purchases and redemptions/sales that can be imported to the shareholder register Nordiska Värdepappersregistret for creating shareholders and transactions without the need to enter them manually.

New add-on - Accounting export

This app lets you define your own accounting rules based on accounts and transaction types resulting in an exported file that can be imported into an accounting system or entered manually. The accounting entries are aggregated per your defined accounting account.

New add-on - MiFID II 10 % alert

This app conducts a daily scan of alert enabled portfolios and financial instruments. It then notifies (via email or SMS) investors of any drop in value within a quarter of 10 % steps. Example: From day 1 it calculates the returns. If it goes below -10% it sends an alert. If it then continues below -20% it sends an alert, for each 10th percent level it sends an alert. At the start of each calendar quarter, the calculation resets.

New add-on - Futur Pension holdings and transactions export

This app generates an automatic daily file export of holdings and transactions for insurance accounts held by Futur Pension which is automatically uploaded to an SFTP server provided by Futur Pension from Bricknode Broker.

New add-on - Alert Manager

The Alert Manager is an app that runs each day at 6 PM CEST and produces various alerts to advisors, administrators, or customers. The application scans for various events depending on what alerts have been enabled and deliver alerts through different channels, messages within the customer portal of Bricknode Broker, or/and direct e-email with the alerts. 

Activity Log

Messages and Notification email

We have updated the ticket for sending messages to customers. It is now possible to select sending attachments directly.

We have also made it possible to send a notification email so the customer will get notified that there is a new message on the customer front. Navigate to System Data > System Settings > Communication to change the text of the notification email.

We also have a new feature which means that you can select to promote several messages at the same time. This feature is found in the list with All activities (User Management > All activities). Click the action menu to make the checkboxes editable.



You can now assign tasks to partners. The partner will be able to view his/her tasks on the dashboard when they login to the partner front.


Decide the default settings of dashboards in Admin and Partner

You can now decide how the default setting should look like meaning which objects should be visible on the dashboard in Admin and Partner for all admins and partners.
The settings are found under the menu System Data > System Settings > Dashboard. Read more here.


New Setting - how to show search results in lists

Some lists with information take a long time to load in the system and we have therefore added a setting where you can decide if you want to show our predefined lists or not.
You will find the new setting beside the question mark on the right side. The default setting will be to show the lists with information.

Click on Show list immediately to turn on or off the function. A little pop-up will notify you wheater it's on or off.

An example of how it can look like navigating to a list when the search results are off.

Risk value

We have added a new property which means that you can add a risk value. It is possible to enter a decimal value. This property is also added to the API for CreatePerson, GetPerson, and UpdatePerson.

Remove partner/resellers and reseller account

It is now possible to remove a partner and/or a reseller account. Read this guide on how to.

Set default order size on sell orders

We have added a new setting where you can set default order size when doing a trade order, 0, or the entire position. If we selected 0 in the setting we will have to enter size when doing the trade. You will find these new settings on your user in admin or partner. On the customer front, the order size will always be set to 0, so the customer will always need to enter order size. (These settings do not apply for MFEX-instruments. Sell orders for MFEX are always is set to 0.)


Last remembered values in tickets

The ticket Create transaction selects the last currency as default currency when the ticket is opened which means that the user doesn´t have to select the currency in the ticket every time when creating a transaction, to reduce the number of keystrokes.

When doing a monthly automatic payment the ticket remembers the last values for periodicity and day.

When doing a one-time payment the ticket always shows the business date.

In the trade ticket when buying an MFEX-fund the ticket will remember settlement account, periodicity, business date, and day.


Add POA on a closed account

There is now a possibility to add POA on closed accounts which means that an advisor will be able to view/get information on closed accounts.


Development percentage in charts.

Show how the instrument has performed in one week, one month, year to date, and one year.
Example how it can look like in admin and customer front on an instrument:


Performance charts on the customer front - Analysis and Account overview.

We have added a performance chart that shows absolute development. You can select whether to show the new chart on the customer front under System Settings > Front > Show Performance chart (Amount).

We also have new settings for which group boxes should be visible on the analysis tab.

NFM - removed a menu alternative

We have removed the possibility to disconnect a group order from an instruction in status Ready since the instruction can´t be handled after it is disconnected. We will only have the menu options Cancel and Stop. (Support-4974)

Possible to filter on pension account properties in the Account list

Values that are exclusive for pension accounts have not been possible show in the account list. We have now added filter options for pension account which means that customers for example can find which accounts payouts should be made to at a certain time. These new properties will be visible when filtering on Pension Accounts (selecting “Yes” in the drop-down menu).

A new look

We moved System Settings in the menu System Data to a section called Settings and changed the icons so they are the same as the top tab.

Instrument Settings - CSV-export

When instruments are missing settings a section is visible on the dashboard with information about the missing settings. Now it is possible to export these instruments in a CSV-file.


API - 2.25

This release involves changes in the API, make sure to inform your external developers and update your service reference.
Please read our changelog to get all the information about which API-methods that are affected.

Fixed issues

Issues resolved in this release.

BFSV2-7522 - If an account had an inactive POA the account was not visible for the customer. We have now made it possible to have inactive POAs again. (Support-5000, Support-3988)
BFSV2-8008 - Menu option Tools under house symbol shows incorrect functionality.
BFSV2-7998 - Only show the fund rebate that is selected in the listening when clicking on the plus sign. Before all funds were shown no matter what the listening showed.
BFSV2-8039 - When doing an automatic payment the checkbox “immediately” did not work properly. It is now possible to check the checkbox for both Autogiro in and out. The date on the orders is set to today. (Support-8039)
BFSV2-7900 - Only active users should be able to log in with bankID (Support-4572)
BFSV2-7907 - Activity log > Messages > Attachments. Now it is possible to view attachments on the customer front.
BFSV2-8001 - Fund Rebate - if an instrument is closed or removed the fund rebate should not look at these ISIN if they are in the file when doing the import. There can, for example, be closed and open instruments with the same ISIN.
BFSV2-8030 - Account type limitations - the page reloaded, there was a problem that you didn´t receive an error message when trying to buy an instrument that was limited and there was a possibility to click Confirm and create an order with 0. This is now fixed. (Support-4919)
BFSV2-7994 - Prevent script injection in our HTML inputs (Support-4865, Support-4843)
BFSV2-8059 - Improve error message handling in SettleWithdrawalTransferOrders (Support-4007)
BFSV2-8024 - It will not be possible to remove an account if there is an active autogiro order. (Support-4904)
BFSV2-8069 - Made the code more efficient in CreateManualExecutionInterface, there was an issue that made the code fetch every instrument for each Ei created.
BFSV2-8028 - If an account has a negative balance it is not possible to calculate performance which can result in a graph that is wrong. We have now changed so that the chart will not be displayed if the account balance has been negative.
AccountBalance Day 1: -500 SEK
AccountBalance Day 2: 500 SEK




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