Release Notes - 2.32

These release notes contain new features and improvements.
Release date: 2021-05-10

New Features and Improvements

This section describes new functionality and changes in existing functionality.

ISIN in the log

We have added ISIN in the log when an asset (instrument) is missing prices. When an instrument is missing a price the development chart will not work properly. Previously only the instrument's internal id was displayed, which made it difficult for the back office administrators to know which instrument it was. Navigate to House > Logs to find the logs.

API - 2.32

This release involves changes in the API, make sure to inform your external developers and update your service reference. Please read our changelog to get all the information about which API-methods that are affected.

Breaking change - CreateSwitchOrders

The method CreateAllocationOrders didn´t work properly and we have therefore replaced it with the method CreateSwitchOrders. The method is now working in the same way as in the GUI, meaning selling assets in % instead of in amount.

A release of our NuGet package is available here:


Fixed issues

Issues resolved in this release.

BB-112 - It was not possible to change FeeAmount on Subscription orders through API or in GUI. This is now fixed. (Support-5738, Support-5740)

Support-5719 - Fund rebate, the user got an error message when importing a file. The error message was not so user-friendly. We have therefore removed and replaced it with another message so the user understands what the problem is with the file.


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