Release Notes - 2.15

These release notes contain new features and solved issues in Bricknode Broker 2.15

New Features

This section describes a brand new functionality. 

New Add-on - White Labels

A new add-on for managing white labels, which makes it easy for you to manage which customers and instruments belonging to a certain white label.
The add-on is available in the Bricknode Marketplace.

New setting for displaying acquisition value

You can now select in which currency the acquisition values should be displayed in Bricknode Broker (Admin, Partner, and Front). (System Data > System Settings > Other > Admin, Front & Partner > Positions)

The settings affect what is displayed under positions.

  • Display Currency
  • Account Currency
  • Instrument Currency

New section on Customer Overview

We have a new section on customer overview with general information about the customer, like username, personal/, email address, etc. It gives a good overview and reduces the number of keystrokes.
This information is also found under the Details tab where it can be changed.

New main menu

For easy access to external add-ons, we have created a new menu, where your activated add-ons are listed. 


This release involves changes in the API, make sure to inform your external developers and update your service reference. 

Please read our change log to get all the information about which API-methods that are affected. 

  • New method: UpdateInstruments which makes it possible to update properties on an instrument.

Fixed issues

Issues resolved in this release.

BFSV2-7250 - The column e-mail was not visible when making a CVS-export from Company. 

BFSV2-7239 - Removed export button (CSV) from reconciliation

BFSV2-7235 - Import/Export Data was missing from the House menu. 

BFSV2-7230 - Exchange orders wasn´t visible in the order tab in customer front. 

BFSV2-7151 - The drop-down menu Balance Dimension did not work in the transaction list on the Customer overview in Admin.

BFSV2-7251 - The new order tab, quick menu and the tab notes was not visible on Customer View in Admin

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