Release Notes - 2.21.1

These release notes contain functional changes, improvements and solved issues in Bricknode Broker 2.21.1

Release date: 2019-11-13 20:00-22:00

Added fee in lists and in the CSV/Excel-export

It is now possible to view fees in different order lists in Bricknode Broker, such as: all orders, manual orders, subscription orders, and order lists by instrument type. The column Fee will show an amount if there are fees on the order. The fees will be summed if there are several fees on the order. 

The fee amount will also be visible in the CSV-export and the column is named FeeAmount.

To Pay

We have added an extra feature in the fee ticket that shows how much fee/commission the customer will pay, the calculated fee. This feature is useful for our customers that are using the new fee add-on and are using different types of fees like percentage or/and if the customer has a discount group. It will be more clear what the customer will pay.

Without the fee addon in AdminWith fee add-on in AdminWith fee add-on in the customer front

API changes

This release involves changes in the API, make sure to inform your external developers and update your service reference. We have added new properties for fees when making subscription orders via API. 

Please read our changelog to get all the information about which API-methods that are affected.

CreateSubscriptionOrders - New property OrderFeeCategories 

GetSubscriptionOrders - New properties: OrderFeeCategories and FeeAmount

UpdateSubscriptionOrdersNew property OrderFeeCategories

GetTradeOrders - New properties: OrderFeeCategories and FeeAmount

Fixed issues

Issues resolved in this release.

BFSV2-7765 - Tab Logins on Partner showed wrong information (Support-4365)

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