Release Notes - 2.27

These release notes contain new features, improvements, and fixed issues in release 2.27.
Release date: 2020-12-16

New Features and Improvements

This section describes new functionality and changes in existing functionality.

Transfer Orders - Internal Transfer

It has never been easier to transfer cash or instruments between accounts in Bricknode Broker. All information is entered in the same ticket and the order and relevant transactions are created directly. Previously, you had to do transfers in several steps and on different tickets. Learn more.


We have also extended our add-on Order Import with the possibility to import transfer orders. As always you will find the add-on in our Marketplace.



We have changed the way we handle reservations in Bricknode Broker. This change affects all order flows. Previously the reservation was dependent on order and could not exist on its own. The reservation is now a separate object that is connected to the order. We can also select to only reserve cash or instrument units on an account. Learn more.

Market certain instruments

You can now choose to promote up to three instruments on the customer front.

You will find the settings for marketing your products in the action menu on an instrument, where you also can select which buttons to show (promotion type).

You also need to select to show the trade menu on the customer front to be able to view the promoted instruments. Navigate to System Data > System Settings > Front.


Create your own messages

There is now possible to create messages with information and add them to customer front, partner, or admin. You can select if the message should be visible on the log in page and/or dashboard. Learn more.


Autogiro orders

We have removed the option Start Cancel on an autogiro order that has been sent to BGC since it is not possible to cancel the order. We have also renamed the status Active to Sent (Active). It will be more clear that the order is sent to BGC.

New tab - Admissions

We created a new tab under Order Management > Autogiro where you can view autogiro admissions (mandates). Before we had to navigate to the menu external account to be able to view the admissions, the admissions can still be found there as well.

It´s also possible to manage admissions from this view and create activities like messages, tasks, and notes. You can close admissions that have been rejected so that they will not cause a warning/alert (orange color) on the Autogiro overview page.

Autogiro deposits

It is now possible to select edit in the action menu on a deposit and change the amount. Previously you had to remove the deposit and place it again. There is also possible to create activities, like messages, tasks, and notes, directly from the deposit.


New action menu in Partner

We have added an action menu on accounts directly on the Dashboard in Partner where you can select reports. In System Data > System Setting > Partner you can select if you want to show these alternatives in the action menu.

Other improvements

The ticket remembers the value "direction" in the Automatic payment ticket.

We have added a column with order type in the account overview on a user.

We have also added two columns, ISIN and Primary Market, to the list with ETF:s.

Tax country is included in CSV-export

We have included tax country in the CSV-export in the customer list under User Management. Tax country is visible in column W (TaxCountry.key)

Select if the resulting order should be TRS-reported

We have added a setting on the internal execution interface when using a resulting manual order route where you can select to remove the TRS-reporting for the resulting order route. If you uncheck the checkbox the TRS Manager will not collect the resulting order for the instrument. Sometimes the broker is managing the TRS-reporting for the manual resulting order and therefore can this setting be useful.

Associated with this new feature we have also made it possible to view and filter the property TRS-reporting in the deals list.

Country in places

For MiFID II reporting, among other things we have added a property on TradingVenues that represents in which country the TradingVenue is located. Navigate to System Data > Places to view the new property.

Setting for last remembered values

We have added a new setting where you can decide if values should be pre-filled in the ticket when settling a manual order. If you are using the settings the last used data will be remembered instead of today's date. If the property Expected Settlement Date is on the order that date will be used instead of the other values. The Expected Settlement Date is used when the order is created from a Subscription order. The new settings are found under Admin User (your user) > Settings and is default set to off.


Ignore validation in the trade ticket

We added a setting so you temporarily can ignore the min subscription amount on an instrument when doing a trade. To ignore the validation, check the checkbox “Ignore Validation”. This is only available for back-office administrators.

Show performance on the customer front

We added a setting so you can decide if you want your customers to be able to click on the performance chart to view the data in a table. You will find the setting for this under System Data > System Settings > Front.


Subscribe to webhooks and be notified when different events occur inside BFS. An example of an event in BFS could be that a transaction is created or an account is updated. A webhook is sent over HTTP making it possible for every client that can receive an HTTP request to get notified when an event occurs. The client can for example use webhooks to synchronize data and update a cache on their side or maybe use it to build a living user interface for their end customers where events are pushed to the user interface. Learn more.

API - 2.27

This release involves changes in the API, make sure to inform your external developers and update your service reference. Please read our changelog to get all the information about which API-methods that are affected.

  • There are breaking changes in the methods CreateTasks and GetTasks, as well as the class ExecutionInterface.

  • The method CreateTradeOrders contains a new property called ShortSellingIndicator. In version 2.29 the property called SellType will be deprecated and ShortSellingIndicator should be used instead. These properties point to the same value in the database so it is simply a change of label in the API.

Fixed issues

Issues resolved in this release.

BFSV2-8182 - Index with Open (Admin) was visible on customer front (Support-5206)
BFSV2-8196 - The Summary on the Account Overview in Admin didn´t show cash, even if there were cash on the account. (Support- 5201, Support-5200)
BFSV2-8152 - Partner has not been able to see capital insurance for customers that they have POA on, but now we have updated so that the partner also has rights to view the person set as a contact on the account. The contact property can be found in the Relations section when creating or editing an account. (Support-4094)

BFSV2-8152 - Summary in the partner only showed 1000 positions We have now changed this to 100 000 positions. (Support-5200)
BFSV2-8125 - Trading power and reserved amount problems. Changes in the reservation will solve these problems. (Support-2702)
Position in the instrument: 11 st.
Sell order 6 st.
Fill the sell order.
Sell again (now the trading power is 4, which is correct)


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