Release Notes - 2.08

These release notes contain improvements and solved issues in Bricknode Broker v 2.08


Changes of existing functionality.

Working with pie charts is now more user-friendly and intuitive 

We have improved the functionality to make it more user-friendly and intuitive when working with pie charts in Bricknode Broker. Previously, you had to write complex text strings. These are now replaced with simple drop down menus.
Please read our Knowledgebase article about how to use Pie Charts: Pie charts exposure 

Extended System Settings for partner and end-customers

We added settings to make Bricknode Broker more configurable for Admin. We have added settings so back office can decide if end-customer should be able to create account application and create external accounts.
We also added settings so back office can decide if partner should be able to create external accounts.  

Improved search function when a user has several accounts

We have made an improvement so that only the account that back office is searching for will be visible in Account Overview. Previously all accounts were shown and it was unclear which account was marked.


General usability improvements

BFSV2-6437 - Name change in the drop down menu, Corrected, from True and False to Yes and No.

BFSV2-6480 - Name change in ticket Importera (Autogiro) from Felkonto to Avvikelsekonto

BFSV2-6454 - Display a message when the user has been created in Partner GUI. 

Performance improvements

We have continued to make general performance improvements in BFS to reduce the workload on the database. This makes the system work more efficiently and gives a smoother experience.

New Features

This section describes brand new functionality. 

New menu - Allocation Orders

New menu option called allocation orders.

Navigate to Order Management > Allocation Orders

Fixed issues

Issues resolved in this release.

BFSV2-6505 - Account application button missing in customer front.

BFSV2-6542 - POA on account gave access to ExternalAccounts.

BFSV2-6467 - Change name from Localy to Locally

BFSV2-6377 - Page does not reload when executing group order

BFSV2-6552 - Activity Log - write activity log (not public) it is visible on Customer Front.

BFSV2-6552 - Action list is not visible for HouseCustodyAccounts in Account Rule Types

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