Release Notes - 2.26

These release notes contain improvements and fixed issues in release 2.26.
Release date: 2020-11-11

New Features and Improvement

This section describes new functionality and changes in existing functionality.

New add-on - SPAR Address Register

This add-on enables a collection of addresses for Swedish natural persons in various apps and via API. The data consumption is invoiced directly to you from SPAR according to the price list here: and Bricknode charge a fixed monthly fee for maintenance.

New tab - Custom Fields

Custom Fields has moved to a new tab on the customer overview, previously it was found on the detail tab. 

JSON Viewer and Editor in Bricknode Broker

Some add-ons are storing JSON formatted data in custom fields. We have added a more user-friendly tool to display end edit JSON data directly in Bricknode Broker. 

Setting for last remembered values in tickets

We have added a new setting where you can decide which values should be pre-filled in the ticket Create transaction. The new settings are found under Admin User (your user) > Settings

Autogiro Overview

We have created an overview of autogiro orders, deposits, and admissions in the system. You will receive a useful summary and can easily manage orders and deposits from this view. Learn more here.


Primary Market and MIC

We have added filter options for primary market and MIC in the lists with Instruments, All Orders, and Stocks Order list. The filter option is also available in the trade ticket when selecting an instrument.

Performance in a table

You can now click on the performance chart to view the data in the development chart in a table


Five digits in clearing number

Swedbank uses 5 digits in the clearing number but in Bricknode Broker we have only allowed four digits. There is now possible to enter five digits when manually creating an autogiro admission. The last digit is removed in the export when exporting the admissions (since BGC only allows four digits in the clearing number).

Warning on the dashboard

A warning will appear on the dashboard if there are open currencies that have currency rates that are older than five days. This could mean that the job that updates currency rates isn´t working. If this warning will appear please contact Bricknode support for assistance. 

Show the section TRS (3) when filling a resulting manual order

This section (TRS (3)) was previously hidden (grayed out) but we have now made it possible to view the information on this tab.

New information text in Automatic Payment

We have updated the text in the blue box to make it more clear when the monthly deposit should be made depending on what you select in Start date. The text only shows the month and not an exact date because the start date only sets which month the first deposit is to be made.


Other improvements

  • We are now handling autogiro payments with payment code 9. The orders will get a comment “Förnyad täckning” and attempts are incremented.

  • TRS - using resulting manual orders - the same trading venue transaction ID that is entered when filling the resulting manual order is now copied to the internal orders in the netting instance.

API - 2.26

This release involves changes in the API, make sure to inform your external developers and update your service reference.
Please read our changelog to get all the information about which API-methods that are affected.

A selection of the news and changes:

  • Breaking change - Properties Cash and CashCurrencyCode in the method CreateTradeOrder are deprecated. These properties have been mandatory but after this release, they are not imperative. Properties will be removed in later releases.

  • Breaking change - The entity for the execution interface is renamed to ManualExecutionInterfaceOld, since creating execution interfaces is now possible in the CreateInstruments method.

  • It is now possible to set TRS-info in the CreateTradeOrder-method.

  • Possibility to send mail and notification mail for messages.

Fixed issues

Issues resolved in this release.

BFSV2-8077 - Comment on the account was also visible on the POA comment. This scenario occurred when a POA was added at the same time as the account was created. (Support-5031). 
BFSV2-8102 - Decision Maker Within Firm was empty when clicking (information) on an order when decision Maker Within Firm was set to the house. This is now fixed.
BFSV2-8090 - Use multiplier when netting orders and when filling and creating resulting order. This also makes it possible to fill the resulting order with, for example, pence. Before, when filling the resulting order, two prices were displayed, internal and normal. Internal price=is the price that the customer is paying and Price = is what the house is paying.

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