Release Notes - 2.04

These release notes contain functional changes, improvement and solved issues about this release of BFS.

New Features

This section describes a brand new functionality added in this release.

Possibility to change username

Open details view for the user, click the edit button, change the username and click confirm.

New internal add-on

Bricknode has launched a new add-on in the Bricknode Marketplace called NFM Fund Trading. With this enablement you can route your fund orders via Nordic Fund MarketYou can activate this add-on in your back office system under the add-ons menu.

News in GUI

The product overview shows a larger section with information about the default execution interface set on the instrument and the default execution interface is also surrounded by a line in the list of execution interaface on the instrument.

It is now possible to select if an execution interface should be set as default directly when creating or editing the execution interface

New links in menu

Global filter in Admin

Knowledge base: Global filter


Changes of existing functionality for this release.

[BFSV2-6107] - Remove "Corrected" from the drop down menu, Corporate Actions

[BFSV2-6155] - Remove "Insurance  Account" from Details (House), because it´s not used anymore. 

Fixed issues

Issues fixed in this release.

[BFSV2-6140] - Orders that are ready to settle for the house, does now show in house view

[BFSV2-6141] - When clicking confirm to settle an order, the order list does not refresh.

[BFSV2-6181] - Possible to sell and buy via the buttons on the positions with view POA.

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