Settings and Permission

Access Levels for administrators

There are three different types of access levels for back-office administrators. All admins regardless of access level can still do actions on the account, like trade, deposit money, withdrawal etc.

Access Level



View user information

Can change:

  • User → Details → TIN

  • House → Details → Custom Fields


View user information

Can change:

  • User → Details → Counterparty

  • User → Details → Issuer

  • User → Details → TRS information

  • House → Details → Info

  • House → Details → Pie Chart

  • House → Details → Counterparty


View and change user information

In order to be able to change settings in the system, an admin needs to have access level 100, for example, change the username. An administrator with access level 10 can see most settings, but can not change them. Admin with access level 100 can create another admin with the same or lower privilege level (ie 100 or 10). Admin with access level 10 can only create another admin with the same permission level (10).

Navigate to the tab Details to change Access Level on the back office administrator. 

Admin settings

There are different settings that the back office administrator can change. 

Navigate to "Admin user" > Settings

  1. Language
    Choose which language Bricknode Broker should have. We can change the language to English if we, for example, want to send an account statement in English to a customer (user).  

  2. Locally Saved Data
    By clicking on this button, the locally saved data will be cleared. This button can be used if there is a problem with your profile (admin user) and if BFS Support can´t reproduce the problem. This button will clear locally saved settings, like dashboard- and search settings.

  3. Messages
    Products and Users: You can receive different pop-up messages in Bricknode Broker and here are settings for turning off and on these messages. 
    Tickets: Setting where you can decide which values should be saved and prefilled in the ticket Create transaction. If you unselect the dates (, today's date will be the default. 
    Positions: If you want to override the settings in System Data > System Settings > Other > Admin, for how acquisition value should be displayed in Admin. 
    White Labels: You can receive different pop-up messages in Bricknode Broker and here are settings for turning off and on these messages. (This will only be visible if the add-on is activated. The addon is found in our Marketplace)
    Other: Save the latest search in the filter: This is used in order to always be able to have a prefilled value as a filter setting. 

  4. Change Password
    Is used to change your password. 

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