Fund companies

BFS Version: 2.X

A fund company is a Legal Entity of the type Company that can perform duties as a manager of investment funds. The typical structure of a fund company with investment funds that it manages looks like the following chart.

To create a fund company navigate to Users in the top menu and then select All Users, then click create as the image below illustrates.

The dialogue below will open.

The type should be entered as "Customer" and the Gender/Company as "Company".

For a Swedish entity the organisational number will validate according to an accepted structure for Swedish Entities that should be entered according to 16XXXXXX-XXXX.

As the First Name enter the company name and then enter the legal form for last name (This will soon change so that other property labels are shown for companies with "Company Name" instead).

Now navigate to the company and set the property Fund Company to true.

This will remove a few options like Fund Entity for example since a fund company cannot be a fund entity at the same time.

Now the fund company is all set up!

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