Cash reconciliation

Custody accounts are configured in Bricknode Broker to reflect accounts located at custody banks. 

It is important to make reconciliation every day.

There are two different types of reconciliation that need to be done: 

  • Custody accounts in Bricknode Broker in relation to the custody account at the bank. 

  • Custody accounts in Bricknode Broker in relation to other accounts in Bricknode Broker such as counterparty accounts and customer accounts.

There are different ways to do reconciliation in Bricknode Broker, and we will only show an example of how it can be done. You could also use our add-on reconciliation manager.

  1. Postions > Cash

  2. Balance Dimension: settlement.
    Balance Date: the day before today's date.
    Currency: select a currency or do this selection in the CSV file. 

    Click Search and Export to CSV (bottom of the right corner)

  3. Filter the CSV file.
    In column U (Account.AccountType.Label) we can filter on accounts and column AC (Amount) shows how much cash we have on a specific balance date. 

    Select only "Custody Accounts" and view Amount. 


    Do the opposite and select the other account types (like counterparty, holding, and ISK accounts) and sum up the amount. Now we can compare the amounts and if they are the same, the reconciliation is correct. 


Instrument Reconciliation 

Positions exists in accounts and are the result of transactions being made for certain assets.

  1. Positions > Instrument (in this example Mutual Funds)
    Balance Dimension: Settlement
    Balance Date: the day before

    Click Search and Export to CSV (bottom of the right corner)

  2. When the export is made to Excel we can make a Pivotable (Insert > Pivo table).
    Columns: Asset.ISIN
    Rows: Account.AccountType.Label
    Values: Amount

    We can now compare the positions of custody and customer with counterparty accounts. 


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