Reconciliation Status on Business Transactions

It is now possible to add a reconciliation status on transactions which is useful when doing reconciliation. These settings are also available in our API.

There are three statuses that we can set on the transactions:

  • Reconciled

  • Investigate

  • Ignored

In the transaction list, there is a drop-down menu on each row where you can select the status. You can also remove the status.

The reconciliation status on transactions is available in the list with Business Transactions, in the transaction list on an instrument, and in the reconciliation manager.

In the drop-down menu on a transaction, you can select the status.

Multi handle transactions

You can also multi-handle several transactions at the same time. Select the transactions that you want to change or status on, click the action menu and select Edit.

A pop-up ticket will appear where you can add reconciliation status. Click Confirm to add the status to the transactions.

The transactions you selected now have the status you chose.

You also have the option Select All which is useful if you have made a search for so many transactions that several pages are shown. Default of transactions that can be handled with select all set to 10000. If you need to change this setting there is a setting in System Data > System Setting for this.

In this example, all 203 transactions will be selected and then you can click Edit to change or add a status.

Select Edit to set the status of the transactions.


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