From version 2.27 we have changed the way we handle reservations. This change affects all order flows. Previously the reservation was dependent on order and could not exist on its own. The reservation is now a separate object that is connected to the order. There is also possible to only reserve cash or instrument units on an account.

Reservation on a trade order

Before an order is complete and settled it contains a reservation. 

When placing an order we will get a reservation that is visible in the account overview and the reserved amount is deducted from withdrawal power in both trade and settle. 

When the order has been filled the reservation in trade will disappear.

When the order is complete and settled the reservation will disappear from the customer's view. 


Add reservations on an account

Sometimes you want to add a reservation to an account. For example, if you want to reserve cash that should be used for fees or if the account has a position and you don´t want the customer to be able to sell it.

Select if you want to reserve cash or instrument (units).

Enter the reservation and possible comment.

A reservation is created on the customer

The reservation editble.


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