How to enable an issuer in BFS

BFS Version: 2.02

In this article will we describe how to enable an issuer in BFS. 

There are only legal entities that are of the type Company that can be enabled as an issuer in BFS. The legal entity issues financial instruments like stocks, mutual funds, and other securities. 

To enable the legal entity as an issuer, go to the tab Details at the Customer Overview and click on the pencil  in the information box - Issuer

A pop-up ticket will appear when marking the checkbox Is Issuer new information will appear. 

This ticket contains information about;

External Rating: Credit rating, for example:  AAA (excellent) and AA+ all the way to C and D.

Rating Agency: The rating agency that produced the rating.

Instrument Types: The type of instruments that the legal entity issues. (Note! We have to select instrument types to be able to select the issuer on the instrument)

NACE (Nomenclature of Economic Activities) is the European statistical classification of economic activities and is a code used when reporting Solvency II. The NACE code is subdivided into a hierarchical, four-level structure. The categories at the highest level are called sections. The first two digits of the code identify the division, the third digit identifies the group, and the fourth digit identifies the class. Example: K.64.3.0

Click Confirm to save the information. 

The legal entity is now an issuer and can be connected to different instruments. 

To connect a specific instrument to an issuer. Go to Products and choose an instrument. Click the action menu and choose Edit

Select an issuer in the dropdown menu and click Save to save the changes. 

The issuer is now connected to the instrument. 

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