2 Back Office user interface

The back office user interface is where your back office personnel will work to manage your business and where your system administrators can configure how your service will work as well as activate add-ons to extend the functionality of your BFS instance.

The back office interface and its available functions are described in detail in the Back office article section of this knowledgebase and this article will give you a broad overview.

On the login screen, you will find helpful links.



These links can take you directly to our legal terms which apply to you when you decide to use the service. You will also find links to this KnowledgebaseAPI documentaiton, Support portal and Release Notes. 

When you first log on you will be directed to the dashboard.

You can customize the sections in the dashboard by clicking the settings icon on the dashboard tab.

This will open the configuration window for you where you can determine by drag and drop which sections you want to show on your dashboard.

By clicking the help buttons you will be able to see a customized help section for where you currently are within the system.

The help section will open from the right corner.

Depending on which add-ons you have activated for your BFS instance you will see various menus.

To view and try various add-ons navigate to the House menu and select Add-on.

If there are users that are locked out from Bricknode Broker a group box will be visible on the Dashboard, where back office administrators can unlock or terminate the user. These are shortcuts for the status boxes in the details tab on the user. 

The group box is also visible for partners if the setting is enabled that allows partners to edit customer details (System Data > System Settings). 


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