1 Legal Entities

Legal Entity is either a natural person or a company that has a legal standing in the eyes of the law. In BFS Legal Entities (How to create a user) can be created from within the various graphical user interfaces or via our API.

You can work with Legal Entities and our API through a number of methods like CreatePersonsGetPersons and UpdatePersons.

A Legal Entity can be associated with a lot of objects in BFS, for example it can be the legal owner of accounts and in turn the assets (Instruments/Products) that are being kept in those accounts. A Legal Entity can be allowed to log on to various interfaces or apps using their assigned user and they can be allowed to conduct a number of actions depending on their access levels like placing orders.

Legal Entities can also be companies that can exist in BFS for various reasons. For example if BFS is used as a fund management system a Legal Entity can be a fund or a fund company, like the following article describes Trade investment funds directly with fund entities using your own book.

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