Insurance Accounts

Account Properties for Insurance Accounts

Navigate to System Data > Account Types to specify which account types should have insurance account properties.  


Click Edit in the action menu on the specific account type and mark the check box Insurance Account. Click Confirm to save. Now we have enabled Insurance account properties at accounts of the type Capital Insurance Account.


We can now add insurance properties to an account of the type Capital Insurance Account. We can either add the properties when creating the account or by choose Edit in the action menu at the specific account. 


Navigate to the tab Relationships to add the account properties and click Confirm to save. 







Reseller/partner/broker that could participate in commissions etc.

Who should receive communication for the account?

Is a Legal Entity in BFS which defines the contact information. For example, an insurance account can be owned by an insurance company but the confirmation notes and account statements should be sent to another Legal Entity, this is then the relationship defined for the Contact.

Who is decision maker?

Is a Legal Entity in BFS. On a capital insurance account, the owner of the account is not always the user that should be set as a decision-maker on a trade. Therefore it is possible to set a default decision-maker on the account, for example the owner of the insurance. This property is important when doing the TRS reporting.

The owner of the insurance

Is a Legal Entity in BFS. The legal entity signing the contract on the insurance and is owner of the insurance.

The insured entity

Is a Legal Entity in BFS. The legal entity who is insured.

The entity that pays the premium

Is a Legal Entity in BFS who pay for the insurance.

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