Account worlds and Dimensions

The AWD-concept is a new way of looking at accounts and the transactions that they contain. In the galaxy of BFS each account belongs to a certain “world”. Each account world has certain properties and behaviour. Within each world there can be accounts of certain types.

The most common account worlds are:

  • Custody accounts (Previously Warehouse accounts)
  • System accounts
  • Accounting accounts

Each account can contain various types of transactions and those transactions belong to what is called “dimensions”. The most common account dimensions are:

  • Trade dimension
  • Settle dimension
  • Accounting dimension
  • Accrued interest

For example, a deposit of cash into a System account will create two transactions in the same account but in two different dimensions. One deposit in the Trade dimension and one deposit in the Settle dimension. At the same time there are usually numerous accounting transactions which occur at the same time as Trade and Settle transactions.

The illustration below shows a simple relationships between account worlds and trade dimensions.