Account Report

Now you can put together reports for your end customers. We have added a tab on the account overview in Admin and Partner where you can create reports, that contains summary, performance chart, holdings, comments, etc. The report collects information from different parts of the system and put them together in a report. The report can easily be printed out.


Navigate to the tab Account Report on the Account Overview.
You can select a period by selecting the start date and end date, by default its from the beginning of the year to today's date.

You can also select Comment (Customer) and Comment (Partner). This is collected from the Activity log.
Comment can, for example, be used if a reseller wants to write a comment about the performance or analysis. The comment can either be written on the activity log for the customer or reseller. If the reseller writes an activity log it can be selected for all customers that the reseller has.

Example of a comment:

Activity log at the reseller:

Click at Settings to decide which information you want in the report. Simply drag and drop.


You can also select to have a Frontpage on your report if you decide to print the report.

This is also made as an activity log at the reseller. Note! Write the activity log in HTLM, the editing possibilities are greater.

Click on the button Open print view if you want to print the report.

The report will be open in a new tab. First showing the front page if you selected that.

The print view has its own settings, so you can decide to show other information here if you want. Simply drag and drop to change what to show.

Click on the button Print to print the report and select layout: landscape format.


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