Create transaction for a policy or claim

BFS Version: 2.02

A transaction that is connected to a policy or a claim will only be visible when the claim/policy is selected.

Create transaction for a policy

  1. In the action menu for the insurance policy choose "Create Transaction".


Create transaction for a claim

  1. In tha action menu for the insurance claim choose "Create Transaction".


Create transaction

2. Click on "Choose" to select the type of transaction to be created.

3. Select the transaction type. The key shows which account dimension the transaction will affect.
    If you want to effect both trade and settle dimension you have to create two separate transactions. (*Note - This will be automated in one transaction ticket in a future release in order to negate the need for creating several transactions to affect the trade and settle dimensions, it is very important that both a trade and a settle transaction is created)

4. The properties in the ticket can differ depending on which transaction type that is selected.






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