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Integrate and build your own applications using the core services that Bricknode Financial Systems offers

Before you get started make sure to explore the general Knowledge Base for BFS and in particular the Get Started Guide for Back Office, also read the General documentation before you start working with the API.

Our NuGet Package is available as an open-source download from GitHub

Our NuGet Package is available here

BFS API can create, retrieve, update and delete entities such as accounts, orders, transactions, and positions.

BFS API uses well-known and proven techniques to facilitate integration and the development of the API. The API is built around the XML-based SOAP protocol and can be used in any programming language that supports Web Services.

Our roadmap includes building a REST API for BFS.

Features under development

The API can contains undocumented methods or properties. This content is under development and doesn't affect the behavior of already released functionality. Any functionality under the development can be change anytime and the changes can be breaking. If you wish to use some content under development please inform us first. The list of features under development is available here: Coming.

API Modules

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