Customer Front

Settings for the customer front. The settings are divided into five tabs, Accounts, Transfers, Documents, Contact, and Other


Login Page

Back-office administrators can easily administer how customers can sign in to the customer front, via username or BankID.

Note! The add-on BankID has to be enabled to be able to get the alternative BankID Mobile and BankID. You can activate this add-on in your back office system under Marketplace.

There is also a setting where you can choose if you want to show the link "Open Account" on the customer front login page. When the person presses the link, a form opens that the customer can fill in to open an account. 

User Registration


If you want to show a Twitter timeline on the customer front. 

The Twitter timeline will be shown on the login page, For example:

Background Image/Wallpaper

You can now customize the partner and custom front and change the background image if you don´t want to use the wallpaper that Bricknode chooses. 

Find a suitable image and scale it to around 1280px in width. Save as a .jpg file and try not to exceed a file size of around 500kb.

The image can be scaled/resized in any photo editing program. 

Click on the action menu to add the image.

Add one for the Swedish language (SV) and one for the English language (EN). Click Confirm to save.
Important that the URL is written like the example: background-image:url(;




Select in which currency the acquisition value should be displayed.


The first setting makes it possible for back-office administrators to decide if corrected transactions should be visible on the customer front. (1) There is a setting for hiding the cash position on the customer front, for example, the Summary (3)

Example of 3: 

Quick Menu


Action Menu

Settings to control what should be possible in the action menu for customers. 
Note! The add-on Switch Orders has to be enabled to be able to activate on Customer Front. You can activate this add-on in your back office system under Marketplace.

Account Overview

There are settings to control what should be visible on the customer front.  

  1. Specify which return period the percentage is to be based on. If we leave it blank, no percentage will be displayed in Summary.

  2. Choose what should be visible on the account overview, for example, if customers should be able to view performance charts.  

Contact and Transfers

Contact information and Manual Deposit

Contact information at the Customer Front. 

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Customer Front



Customer Front

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