Decide the default settings of dashboards in Admin and Partner, meaning which objects should be visible in Admin and Partner for all admins and partners.

The objects in the column “Hidden” do not appear on the dashboard but can be chosen by the admin user on their own dashboard.

The objects in the column “Disabled” are not available on the user's dashboard at all.

The user's dashboard is saved locally and is not affected by changes made here until they make a change to their own dashboard. By pressing the button "Reset saved dashboards" you can force an update of the user's personal settings and load the new settings made here.

Pressing the "Restore Original" button loads the standard BFS appearance of the dashboard.

To change the board simply drag and drop the objects.


More information about the user's personal dashboard is found here.

Some of the objects, like Corporate Actions and Account Applications will only appear/be visible if there are any corporate actions or account applications.


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