Currency Management

Currencies and their rates (quotes) are managed by navigating to Currency Management in the System Data menu.

If your user is designated as system administrator you will see the Settings-section on the top of the page.

New currencies can be added by clicking (1) below and existing currencies can be edited by clicking the action menu for each currency and the dialogue (2) below will show.

The properties that can be set are the following.

DecimalsThese are the number of decimals that will be used as the maximum currency units. For example, if the value is 2 the minimum unit for USD will be 0.01 (1 cent), if the value would be 1 the minimum unit would be 0.1 USD (10 cents).
Default Execution InterfaceThis is the default selected trade route (Execution Interface) for currency exchange where the selected currency is involved.
Custody accountThis is the default custody account used for storing the currency positions.

The status sets the availability of the currency according to the table below.

OpenThe currency is available for all user types
Open (Admin)The currency is available for users of the type admin
Open (Partner)The currency is available for users of the type admin and partner
Open (Filter)The currency is only available in the views where currencies are filtered, for example the user could request currencies that are set to filtered via the API.
ClosedThe currency is not available for any user types
Acc. Type Limit.

The second tab in Currency Management is called Currency Rates and here the quotes for the currencies in relation to the system base currency is managed.

In the example above the system currency is set to EUR.

The spot quotes are collected automatically each night from here:

Currency rates can be added or edited with the following properties.

KeyEnter the same value as the related currency short name
CodeEnter the same value as the related currency short name
SortOrderIs used where currency rates are listed.

The status can be set to any of the following values.

OpenAvailable for all users
Open (Admin)Available for admin users only
Open (Partner)Available for partner users only
PendingNot used
ClosedNot available for any user