The Alert Manager is an app that runs each day at 6pm CEST and produces various alerts to advisors, administrators or customers.

The application scans for various events depending on what alerts has been enabled and delivers an alert through three channels:

  • Creates a message within the customer portal of Bricknode Broker with the details of the alert.

  • Direct e-mail with the alerts.

  • SMS messages with the alerts.

These channels can be combined or used on their own.

The Alert Manager can easily be expanded on demand and we are happy to take orders for new alerts that you would like us to add. Please create a new request in our support portal where you select the component called Alert Manager.

To enable alerts for users in BFS you have to add a custom field to the users for each alert. See description and example below.

Alert types



Custom field

User type



Custom field

User type

POA Deposits

Sends an alert for accounts where the advisor has a Power of Attorney and where a deposit has occurred during the last 24 hours.


Advisor users (called Partner users in BFS)

House Account Balance Alert

For an account owned by the house it is possible to send an alert to one or several administrators when a position balance (including reservations) goes above or below a certain limit in the trade and/or settle dimension.

On the admin user/s create a new custom filed with the name AlertManager_HouseAccountBalance and set the value to true if they should be on the send list for this alert.

On the house accounts it is now possible to add a custom field to each one that should have alerts enabled where the name of the custom field should be AlertManager_HouseAccountBalance_Settings and the value should be a valid JSON structure as shown in the example below. All values should be valid decimal values or integer values with . as the decimal separator.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 { "CashBalanceAlerts": [ { "CurrencyCode": "SEK", "LowerLimitTradedAmount": 20000, "HigherLimitTradedAmount": 50000, "LowerLimitSettledAmount": 20000, "HigherLimitSettledAmount": 50000 } ], "InstrumentBalanceAlerts": [ { "InstrumentBrickId": "2a607e20-9164-4963-b321-8a73297d3eab", "LowerLimitTradedAmount": 10, "HigherLimitTradedAmount": 100, "LowerLimitSettledAmount": 10, "HigherLimitSettledAmount": 100 } ] }

There is one array of CashBalanceAlerts that can contain several currencies and separate high and low balance alerts for each one. Then there is an array of InstrumentBalanceAlerts that works in the same manner with the difference that the instrument identifier is the BrickId of the instrument.

Admin users


Custom fields for users in Bricknode Broker admin can be managed in the section called Details for each user or via API.

At the bottom of the page you will find the section for Custom fields: