Accounting export

Bricknode Broker has a very granular built-in function to produce accounting transactions as described here but for most cases, this is a bit too granular and that is why this add-on application was built.

With the Accounting export application, you defined your accounting mappings in a simple Excel sheet (CSV-file) where we can help you define your rules based on BFS account and transaction type together with which accounting account numbers should be influenced. After each month this application creates a report which is delivered via e-mail to you containing one debit and credit amount for each accounting account for the past month.

This way you do not have to import an accounting transaction for each and every transaction that has occurred in BFS, which can overload the accounting system, but only one accounting entry per accounting account per month. The granularity stays in BFS and can be looked at by for example auditors to see what actual transactions made up the accounting transaction.