Hotfixes - 2.24



Autogiro export - Only Swedbank uses 5 digits in clearing number, and when file autogiro export file is created, this causes problems. We do, however, want to be able to store the clearing number in 5 digits. Therefore, we added a check for this in autogiro export. If the clearing number is more than 4 digits, shorten it to 4 digits by removing the last number(s).


Support-4896 - Fel belopp på säljordrar, hela innehavet syntes på AmountAsset1. Det vara bara en display bugg. Men den skall vara åtgärdad nu.


Support-4855 - Limit price and Nominal Amount on structured product orders.
Only worked for instruments that had manual execution interface, we made a hotfix so it works with structured products with internal EI as well.

Support-4853 - Customer Front
Where not able to select accounts when buying instruments on the customer front. We made a fix so this works again.


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