Indices in BFS are mostly used for performance benchmarks and cannot be traded.

TypeThe instrument type
NameThe name of the instrument.
StatusThe status determines what user type the instrument should be available to
Visible StatusThe status determines what user type the instrument should be visible to
CurrencyThe currency that the instrument is based in

Price DecimalsThe number of decimals to use when showing the price of the instrument
Display Percentage PriceIf checked the price will be displayed as a percentage value, in the database the value of 98% will be stored as 0.98 but shown as 98%. In this example we are using currency values as the price.
PriceThe price of the instrument
Price DateThe date when the price was set

The multiplier is not used for indices and can be set to 1.

DecimalsThis is a legacy property that should be left blank
Quantity DecimalsThis is the number of decimals that should be used for the units. For indices this is not used.

Datasheet URLA link to an instrument description
CategorizationInstrument Categorization
External ReferenceA reference that could be used to link the instrument to an external system or some other reference

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