Account Rule Types

BFS Version 2.X

Account Rule Types exists in order for us to enable certain actions for various types of accounts.

For example, an account of the type Mirror Account only shows transactions that has been conducted in an external system, this mean that it should not be possible to create a manual transaction for the account from within the graphical user interface in BFS. In order to limit this we only have to make sure that the action CreateTransaction is not enabled for the account rule.

In order to create, edit or view account rules we navigate to Account Rule Types in the System Data menu.

To edit current rules simply click on edit in the action menu.

This will open a window showing the selected actions and we can navigate to the bottom of the window in order to add more actions.

A description of actions are shown below.

Action nameDescription
AccountStatementWith this action enabled the user has the option to generate a simple account statement for their accounts.
ActivityStatementThis action will enable the user to generate an Activity statement for the account.
AutogiroImportThis enables the import of Swedish AutoGiro files from a selected account, this should only be enabled for custody accounts that are owned by the house.
AutomaticPaymentThis gives the user the possibility to start a recurring payment using Swedish AutoGiro.
Connect Allocation ProfileEnables the user to connect the account to an allocation profile.
Create POAEnables the user to create a power of attorney for the account.
CreateTransactionThis action will enable the user to create manual transactions for the account.
CurrencyExchangeEnables the user to open a dialogue to conduct currency exchange for the account.
EditEnables the user to edit account properties
GenericInstrumentBuyOrderEnables the user to be able to enter orders for instruments that are traded through the MFEX ExecutionInterface. This will shortly become obsolete and only the TradeOrder action will be used. The MFEX add-on has to be enabled for the BFS instance in order for this to work.
RemoveEnables the user to remove an account, the account will not be deleted from the system but set to inactive and placed in the account archive.
SubscriptionOrderEnables the user to subscribe to new share issues from the selected account.
TradeOrderEnables the user to enter orders for instruments.
TransferMoneyEnables the user to withdraw and deposit money to the selected account.
TransferOrderEnables the user to transfer instruments to and from the selected account.

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