Correct batch transactions

When doing a corporate action or importing transactions from the app Transaction manager the transactions gets a batch id, which means that all transaction in a batch gets the same batch id. In the list with Business Transactions, you can search on BFS Batch Id to find all transactions in a certain batch.

Transactions that have a BFS Batch id also have a symbol on the transaction row.

If you click on the symbol you will filter on all transactions belonging to that batch and can then easily correct them.

The BFS batch id will also be visible.

Before doing the correction it is important to remove the balance dimension so you see transactions in both settle and trade.

In the action menu choose “Select entire page” to mark all transactions. (If there are many transactions it could be vise to select to view 500 transactions on one page).

The next step is to Correct the transactions in the batch. Select Correct, in the pop-up ticket you can write a comment that will be visible on the corrected transaction. You will also be notified how many transactions will be corrected.

When you have corrected the batch with the transaction, please check so everything has been corrected. If it is a corporate action you can navigate to the corporate action and look so all transactions are corrected.


The actual corporate action event, after it has been completed cannot, and should not, be deleted. There will be linked transactions and correction transactions which are tied together by the corporate action event so it will be left as done for the future. Since there are no connection between corporate action events you can continue to create the right corporate action event again.

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