How to correct a batch order of funds

BFS Version 2.X

Fund orders can be sent as a batch order for execution on the daily cut off time. If for some reason an execution were conducted using an erroneous execution price it is possible to correct the execution or if an erroneous batch order has been created it can be corrected as well.



Find the group order by navigating to Order Management > Mutual Funds > Orders or Batch order


The batch order must first be corrected. Navigate to the Batch order by pressing  or press at the order number. 

Press "Correct Transactions" in the action menu. This will open a dialogue to enter a comment as a correction reason for example. 


By clicking "Confirm" the status of the group order will change to "Review". 

The following can now be done with the batch order:

Confirm: confirm the order again with a new execution price and date.
Reject batch: 
the batch order and the individual orders will be rejected
Cancel batch and Client orders: 
the batch order and the individual orders will be cancelled
Cancel batch: 
only the batch order will be cancelled and the individual orders will get status placed and can be processed again. 

We will now choose to Confirm the batch order to be able to confirm the order again with a new execution price and date.


Once confirmed, we will be able to select Execute again and enter new information in the dialogue "Execute". Remember to enter both Price and Amount/Qty, so that both fields match with the total paid amount of the batch order.

The last step is to settle the batch order. Enter Business date and Settlement date in the dialogue "Settle" and click Confirm. The batch order and the individual orders will now get status "Finished".


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