The Detail tab contains information about the Legal Entity / User / Customer. There are several sections on the tab where you can change and update information on the user. The sections are described below.



In the action section, you can perform different actions on the user. The actions are described below.

Edit User Type

Navigate to the Action Section and click the button Edit User Type.

Select user type in the drop-down menu.

  • Customer (customers and companies)

  • Admin (administrators in Bricknode Broker)

  • Partner (reseller)

There is also a possibility to change the user name. Click Confirm to change the user type.

We also added a log so you easily can view what has been changed and by who.







Is Approved

By marking “Is Approved” a user is activated.


By marking ”Terminated” the user is terminated including all the user's accounts

Is Locked Out

Marking ”Is locked out” disables the users log in.

Manually Password Reset

If back-office administrators want to manually reset a password. When the user logs in the next time get a ticket to change password.

Natural Person

It is checked if the legal entity is not a company.



Politicly Exposed


Has Customer Protection


Risk Level



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