Release 1.6 - TRS

Capital insurance account and insurance owner

TRS Manager has wrongly imported the owner of the account for capital insurance accounts. We have therefore made a change for these accounts so that TRS Manager uses the value “Insurance Owner” set on the account instead of the Owner. Since these types of accounts are owned by the insurance company (for example Futur pension) and the owner of the insurance should be the reported seller or buyer.

If the value “Insurance Owner” is not set in Bricknode Broker, the Transaction will be stopped in TRS Manager and you will have to enter this information manually.


Transaction Identification Code and Mifid Country (country for Trading Venue)

When conducting TRS reporting there is a difference if the Trading Venue is within the European Economic Area (EEA) or not. If it is not, the field called Trading venue transaction identification code should not be submitted.

In this release, we have added a dropdown for “Trading venue country code” and made it possible to change. If it is changed to XX, which means “all other countries” (meaning outside EEA), the value Trading venue transaction identification code will be removed from the transaction in GUI and from the XML that is to be sent to FI. The value will not, however, be removed entirely since it is still saved in the database, and if you select some other country in the country dropdown, the Trading venue transaction identification code will be put back as it was before.