Here can you review, edit, and create transactions before they are sent to FSA.

The transactions, deals, and transfers, are imported from Bricknode Broker from the page Import. There is also a possibility to create transactions manually. 

Transaction View





Transaction Type


Transaction Status

  • Stopped: The transactions is stopped and cannot be batched and sent to FSA. 

  • Batched: The transaction has been batched into a FSA file.

  • Ready to be sent: The transaction is ready to be batched. When creating FSA file all transactions in this status is batched.

  • Created: The transaction is newly created.

  • Duplicated: The transaction is a duplicate of another transaction. Is used when importing from Excel file.

  • Pending: The transaction is pending, waiting for an answer from FSA.

  • Rejected: The transaction has been rejected from FSA and gets a status code.

  • Received: The transaction has been received by FSA and awaits further status.


True (All information is available on the transaction and it can be sent to FI)
False (information is missing on the transaction)


False, True. Indicates if the transaction is a cancellation transaction or not.

Trading Date Time

Date and time when the transaction was executed.


ISIN of the instrument in the transaction.


Name of the instrument used in transaction.

External Sequence No

Sequence number from Bricknode Broker. You can search for the transaction/deal in Bricknode Broker. 

External Transaction id

GUID on the transaction.

Create Time

When the transaction is created in the app

Edit Time

When the transaction is updated in the app. 

There is a possibility to sort and group the list by column. If a column is sorted a a blue area will appear. Click Clear Filter to clear the filter. 

Edit Transactions

When a transaction is invalid it has transaction status: stopped and valid is false. A transaction could be invalid if it´s missing information in any field or has inaccurate information in a field.

Click on the plus sign  to view more information about a specific transaction, to be able to edit and correct it.  

If a transaction is invalid, error messages will be displayed in a red section, Error Description.
The numbers at the beginning of the error message, point to which row in the XML file is wrong
If you need help with the meaning of the error messages, please read this knowledge base article: Errors, fields and validation  

Click on View XML-file to expand the XML-file. 

Navigate to the row/number that appears in the error description and search for it in the XML interface to see which value is incorrect or missing. 

Click Edit to correct the Transaction details. 

  1. Click Edit to correct the Account Number

  2. If we need to correct Buyer or Seller, click on the button - 

     and the information will be removed. Then click + 

    to add new information. Then click Create to Save. 
    We can also choose to Edit the Buyer by clicking Edit; then we don´t have to delete the information.

When we have corrected the stopped transaction, we can change the status to "ReadyToBeSent," which means that it can be sent to FSA. 

Delete Transaction

A transaction can be removed by changing the status to Deleted under Transaction Details.

Click Edit and change status to Deleted then click Save. 

The transaction now has the status Deleted and will not be reported to FSA. 

Create Transaction

We can manually create transactions in the application, by clicking on Create Transaction. 

A pop-up ticket will appear where we can enter information about the transaction. Information about the fields can be found here: Errors, fields and validation

When we have entered information about the transaction and clicked Save, it will be visible in the Transaction list, with status "Created". We will then have to enter information about "Buyer" and "Seller."

Rejected Transactions

Status information from FSA (e.g. reject reasons) for transactions that are "rejected" is stored on the individual transaction.  Click + on the transaction and the information from FSA can be viewed. Information about the error messages can be found here: Information from FSA

Set the status on the transaction to "Stopped" and correct whatever is incorrect and then set the status on the transaction to "ReadyToBeSent". You can export a new batch file and send it to FSA, see section FSA Files.

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