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The Bricknode Lending Back Office Interface is the place where you administer loans, payments, and a whole lot of other things. The Bricknode Lending Back Office can be configured to manage either lending to individuals or lending to companies and the workflow of the Bricknode Lending Back Office is as follows:

The main processes

The main tasks to perform in the Back Office Interface are:

The Daily process consists of 5 file types to manage each business day and the Payments consist of a 3-step process to manage loan payouts.

There are also bank files that can be exported from Mandates that should be included in the daily routine.

Follow the links below to learn about how to work with the Bricknode Lending Back Office Interface.

  1. Navigate Back End

  2. Bricknode Lending Dashboard

  3. Listings

  4. Daily actions

  5. Bricknode Lending Other

  6. Bricknode Lending Admin

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