The objects used for the Bricknode Lending Platform are generally owned by one of two systems. Data related to borrowers are owned by the Bricknode Lending Back End (LBE) and data about Lenders are owned by the Bricknode Financial Systems Core (BFS). The bank accounts (or custody accounts) that reflect the bank balances are owned by BFS.

Looking at the account structure of BFS is split up into two different account worlds called Custody Accounts and BFS accounts.

The Custody Accounts show the balances at the bank and the BFS accounts show who owns parts of these balances. You could say that Custody Accounts are part of the General Ledger and BFS accounts are a Subledger.

The API structure

The Bricknode Lending Back End API is described here and the Bricknode BFS API is described here.

Example of possible integration with Bricknode Lending API

The diagram shows one possible way to integrate Bricknode Lending API and BankId into a custom application. The example is about login into an app as a borrower by a personal number.

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