How to manual handle an Autogiro out order

BFS Version: 2.X

  • Use the Action menu to Activate the autogiro out order.

  • An Activate pop-up ticket appears on the screen.
  • Click the Confirm button to activate the order.
  • Use the Action menu to Confirm the autogiro out order.
  • A Confirm pop-up ticket appears on the screen.

This ticket contains information about.

Business Date - the day on which a transaction has been carried out.

Status - if the payment is approved or not.

Custody account - the account where the order is settled.

  • Click the Confirm button.
  • The sell order receives the status Finished.

  • Go back to the Account Overview, and the Overview tab.
  • In the section Transactions, the sell order and the autogiro withdrawal are shown as transactions. 

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