Manage Autogiro orders and admissions


Export autogiro orders

The export of the BGC file is executed with a background job. You can see the progress on the autogiro overview and will also get notified when the job is finished. When the job is finished, a task will be created for you with the file.

Click the Export button to create a BGC file to upload to your custodian. A process bar will show the status of the export. The creation of the file is handled with a background job which means that you can work with other things in Bricknode Broker.

When the job is finished you will receive a blue pop-up message and get a notification. A number will be shown at the bell icon. You can click on the notification bell to get to the task where the file is uploaded.

The task has been created with the file which will be available on the Activity tab. Click on the plus sign to view the file. When you have uploaded the file to the custodian you can set the task as done.


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