Inputs (Array of CreateTradingVenue) inherits from EntityBase

NameTypeDescriptionMandatoryAvailable from version
BrickIdGuid Not used.

NamestringThe name of the trading venue  true2.26 
ShortNamestring The short name of the trading venue   true 2.26
 MICstring The MIC code of the Trading Venue  true 2.26
 IsTradingVenuebool If the trading venue object represents an actual trading venue  true 2.26
IsMarketboolIf the trading venue is a market or not true2.26
IsInternalboolIf the trading venue is internal or not true2.26

The country code of the TRS country according to ISO-standard here: Only country codes where the country is located within the European Economic Area should be entered, if the country for the Trading Venue is outside this area the value XX should be entered. 

The countries used here is present in the System Data→MiFID II Management in Bricknode Broker.

CountrystringThe country code of the TRS country according to ISO-standard here:


NameTypeDescriptionAvailable from version
EntitiesArrayAll trading venues in the request is returned along with each trading venues BrickId and array of Errors per trading venue object 2.26

Code examples

C# - Create new OTC trading venue in BFS
		var request = new CreateTradingVenuesRequest();
        request.Entities = new CreateTradingVenue[]
            new CreateTradingVenue()
                Name = "OTC,
                ShortName = "OTC",
                MIC = "XOFF",
                IsInternal = false,
                IsMarket = true,
                IsTradingVenue = true,
                TRSCountry = "SE"


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