NameTypeDescriptionMandatoryAvailable from version
GroupKeystringThis is the key of the value item. If for example an industry category should be set for the instrument the value of this property should be "Industry". The categorization could also be used for creating a tax classification for the instrumentTrue2.02.20160422
KeystringThis field can be used as the value for the GroupKey. In the example above this value could be set to "Technology" if the GroupKey was "Industry" or if the tax classification above was Tax_SE_InterestFund this value could be set to "True" if the instrument should be classified as a Swedish interest fund for tax reportingTrue2.02.20160422
Weightdouble?If for example the GroupKey was "Industry" and the Key was "Technology" and the instrument was a fund where we should defined how much of the fund is exposed to technology this value could be set to 0.3 if the fund had 30% of its holdings in technology. 2.02.20160422

Code examples

C# - InstrumentCategorizationItem
 var IC = new InstrumentCategorizationItem()
    GroupKey = "Industry",
    Key = "Technology",
    Weight = 0.3


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