Create and export BGC File


Create and export a BGC File

Create withdrawal orders

Navigate to an account and select Withdraw Money in the action menu (1). Next, select the external account to use (2) and the currency (3) and the amount to withdraw (4). Click Confirm to create the withdrawal order. 

Manage the withdrawal orders

Navigate to Withdrawal order (Payments > Withdrawals)

The created orders will now have status Placed and the next step is to fill them. You can either multi-select orders or fill them one by one. 

You will receive a popup ticket that will confirm how many orders will be filled and then also a confirmation.

The next step is to create a BGC file. The orders must be in order status filled to be able to create the file.
Click the action menu and select Create BGC File. A popup ticket will appear with information about how many orders will be in the file. Click Confirm to create the file. 

A popup message will appear when the file is created. Click the link to download the file.

If you for some reason lose the file, it can be found in the log. Click on the book icon to view the log. 

Log (1) shows an audit log with information about what has happened and which admin has performed a certain action. 
Files (2) here can you find all files that have been created or imported.


All files sent to Bankgirot shall be in ASCII or EBCDIC format an should be named in the same way. More information: Technical manual
The customer number (1) is found under the House in Bricknode Broker, House > Details > Bankgiro

The file can now be sent to Bankgirot and the orders now have status Instructed. 

File info

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