Edit a Subscription Order

From release 2023-04-19 it is possible to edit the quantity/nominal amount in the subscription order. It is common to change quantity/amount due to either lack of cash, so the customer needs to buy less, or that the customer has been allocated fewer shares than they wanted. There is also possible to change the different dates in the order.

Click on the action menu on the subscription order and select Edit.

To be able to edit the quantity and the amount you need to remove the reservation.

When you have removed the reservation you need to remember to add a new reservation after clicking confirm. See guide below.

Click on the tab Reservations and remove the reservations.

It is now possible to make changes regarding quantity and amount.

Click Confirm when you have made the changes. The removed reservation will not be recreated when you have confirmed the changes. This means that the cash will be available on the account and could be used for other things.

To reserve the assets again select the option Reserve Assets in the Action menu. It will create a reservation for the subscription order and a fee reservation if there are fees.

Information on how many reservations are made.

A new reservation is made for the same amount as the subscription order (if it has been changed it will be the new amount).

If there are fees on the subscription order there will also be a reservation for the fee, for example:


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