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Response rows

NameTypeDescriptionAvailable from version

The BrickId of the legal entity

OrganizationNostringThe organization number of the house2.02
NamestringThe name of the house2.02
BICstringThe BIC code of the house2.03.01
TaxCountrystringAccording to ISO-standard here:
BaseCurrencyCodestringThe currency code of the house base currency2.03.01
LEIstringThe LEI of the House2.12
GIINstringGIIN (global intermediary identification number) of a Legal Entity2.24

Code examples

C# - Get the house information from a BFS instance
//Use the GetHouseInformation method to get the house information
// and write the BrickId, Organization number and the name in the console.
var client = new BFSServiceReference.bfsapiSoapClient();
var credentials = new BFSServiceReference.Credentials()
    UserName = bfsusername, //Username of administrative user in your instance of BFS
    Password = bfspassword, //Password of the administrative user in your instance of BFS
var houseInfo = client.GetHouseInformation(new BFSServiceReference.GetHouseInformationRequest()
    Credentials = credentials,
    identify = bfsidentifier, //Identifier is a unique token for your instance of BFS
    Fields = new BFSServiceReference.GetHouseInformationFields()
        BrickId = true,
        OrganizationNo = true,
        Name = true,
        BIC = true,
        TaxCountry = true,
        BaseCurrencyCode = true
foreach (var c in houseInfo.Result)
    Console.WriteLine(c.BrickId + "," + c.OrganizationNo + "," + c.Name + "," + c.BIC + "," + c.TaxCountry + "," + c.BaseCurrencyCode);

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