Filter inputs

NameTypeDescriptionMandatoryAvailable from version
BrickIdsGuid[] Specific ids to look for

Keysstring[] Specific keys to look for

Response rows (Array) inherits from EntityBase

NameTypeDescriptionAvailable from version
BrickIdGuidThe BrickId (unique id) of the WhiteLabel
KeystringThe key of the WhiteLabel
CreatedDateDateTimeThe date when the WhiteLabel was created
NamestringThe Name of the WhiteLabel
CommentstringThe Comment of the WhiteLabel
UrlstringThe Url of the WhiteLabel

Code examples

C# - Get all WhiteLabels from a BFS instance
public static void GetWhiteLabels()
            var binding = new BasicHttpBinding();
            binding.MaxReceivedMessageSize = Int32.MaxValue;

            var target = new bfsapi.bfsapiSoapClient(binding, new EndpointAddress("http://apiurl/bfsapi.asmx"));

            var req = new bfsapi.GetWhiteLabelRequest()
                Credentials = new bfsapi.Credentials
                    UserName = "user",
                    Password = "password"
                identify = "identifier",
                Args = new bfsapi.GetWhiteLabelArgs
                Fields = new bfsapi.GetWhiteLabelFields
                    BrickId = true,
                    Name = true,
                    Key = true,
                    Url = true



            var resp = target.GetWhiteLabels(req);

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