Filter inputs inherits from GetPersons

NameTypeDescriptionMandatoryAvailable from version
CompanyNumbersstring[]Filter by company numbers  
FundCompanyNamesstring[]Filter by company names  

Response rows (Array) inherits from GetPersons

NameTypeDescriptionAvailable from version
CompanyNumberstringThe company number 
FundCompanyNamestringThe company name 

Code examples

C# - GetFundCompanies
//Use the GetFundCompanies method 
var client = new BFSServiceReference.bfsapiSoapClient();

var credentials = new BFSServiceReference.Credentials()
    UserName = bfsusername, //Username of administrative user in your instance of BFS
    Password = bfspassword, //Password of the administrative user in your instance of BFS

var fundcompanies = client.GetFundCompanies(new BFSServiceReference.GetFundCompaniesRequest()
    Credentials = credentials,

    identify = bfsidentifier, //Identifier is a unique token for your instance of BFS

    Args = new BFSServiceReference.GetFundCompaniesArgs()
    Fields = new BFSServiceReference.GetFundCompaniesFields()
        BrickId = true,
        CompanyNumber = true,
        FundCompanyName = true,

foreach (var c in fundcompanies.Result)
    Console.WriteLine(c.BrickId + ", "
        + c.CompanyNumber + ", "
        + c.FundCompanyName);


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