System Data settings for MiFID II

MiFID Management

Navigate to System Data > MiFID Management

Lists the countries' choices of identification and in which priority they should be used. These ID types are listed in the drop-down menu when creating a legal entity (natural person). 



Navigate to System Data > System Settings > Other

Setting to determine whether a user must be MiFID approved to be able to place orders in instruments that should be TRS reported. 


Navigate to System Data > Places to create places for where the instrument is listed and traded.

The market is where the instruments are listed and the trading venue is where the instrument is traded. Some places can be both markets and trading venues like for example XSTO. 

Internal means that it's not a real trading place, in TRS2 it will get XOFF as MIC.

Once "Market" is selected, we will be able to enter it as the "Primary market" when creating an instrument.

When "Trading Venue" is selected, we will be able to enter it as the "Trading Venue" when executing an order, which is used for TRS2. Instruments that have a default marketplace and a MiFID country can be TRS2-reported. 

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