Import Transactions

This application offers a way to view, filter, export and import business transactions from and to Bricknode Broker. 


Import Transactions

You can import a custom spreadsheet from Excel with your transactions to Bricknode Broker.

There are two templates to base the import on, one simple for plain cash transactions and one extended for handling instruments. The extended report could be used for handling a merge in Bricknode Boker.  

There is also a zip file with example files, for the extended template, which provides suggestions on how to fill the file and what types of transaction types that can be used. Two transactions have to be done on each account, one for trade and one for settle. Remember to include any custody account transactions in the import file.

When you are satisfied with the file, you can upload it, by drag or drop or select the file.  

When the file is uploaded, you will get a list of the transactions in the app.

The app will validate the file against Bricknode Broker, and the validation appears in the column Validation. Below are some examples of validations with incorrect fields in the file. Correct the file and select it again, when the file is correct it should be ok to import into Bricknode Broker. 

Example of validations, with incorrect fields in the file.Transaction Manager

Wrong account number

ISIN that does not exist in Bricknode Broker

To many decimals

Click the button "Create Transactions" to import the transactions in Bricknode Broker. 

When the transactions are imported you will receive an e-mail with the result. 

You can now view the created transactions in Bricknode Broker. 

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