Account Properties for Pension Accounts

With this add-on back-office administrators can work with pension accounts involving account properties like first payment age, payment interval, etc.

Navigate to System Data > Account Types to specify which account types should have pension account properties.  

Click Edit in the action menu on the specific account type and mark the check box Pension Account. Click Confirm to save. 

In our example have we enabled Pension account properties at accounts of the type IPS Account.

We can now add pension account properties to an account of the type IPS Account. We can either add the properties when creating the account or by choosing Edit in the action menu at the specific account. 

Navigate to the tab Pensions to add the account properties.





First Payment Age

The age when the first payment should start.

First date of payout

The first date for payout.

Interval for payouts

In which interval will the money be paid out. Monthly (1), Quarterly (3) or Annually (12)

Number of payouts

Number of total payouts

Exectued Payouts

Number of payouts that has been processed

Remaining Payouts

Remaining number of payouts

The properties can also be changed or added through the API via an external app. Back-office administrators will then easily receive information about the customer's payments by clicking the information button on the account. 

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