Inputs (Array[]) TransferOrderSettleInformation

NameTypeDescriptionMandatoryAvailable from version
TransferOrderIdGuidThe Id of the order you want to settle  true2.23 
TradeDateDateTime The trade date you want the order to have true2.23 
SettlementDateDateTime The settlement date you want the order to have true 2.23
 ValueDateDateTime The value date you want the order to have true 2.23
 CustodyAccountGuid? The custody account you want to use, if left as null it will take the custody account defined on the currencyfalse  2.23

Response rows

NameTypeDescriptionAvailable from version
OrderSettlementResultsWithdrawalTransferOrderSettlementResult[]The result of each orders settlement


NameTypeDescriptionAvailable from version
IdGuidThe Id of the order you wanted to settle 2.23
IsSettledboolIf the order was settled or not2.23
Messagestring"OK" if all went well, if not this will describe the error2.23

Code examples

C# - Settle tranfer order
public void SettleWithdrawalTransferOrder()

            var request = new SettleWithdrawalTransferOrderRequest(Guid specifiedOrder);

            request.Credentials = CorrectCredentials();
            request.identify = CorrectIdentify();

            request.TransferOrderSettleInformation = new []{
                new TransferOrderSettleInformation()
                    TradeDate = DateTime.Today,
                    ValueDate = DateTime.Today,
                    SettlementDate = DateTime.Today,
                    TransferOrderId = specifiedOrder.Id



            var response = client.SettleWithdrawalTransferOrders(request);


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