Filter inputs

NameTypeDescriptionMandatoryAvailable from versionComment
OwnerGuidThe owner of the file in the systemtrue
A file will be accessible (Customer Front > Forms) for all end-users when adding a file with guid empty as owner and permission All. 
FileNamestringThe name of the file in the BFS

ContentTypestringThe content type of the uploaded fil (eg "application/pdf")

PermissionEnumFilePermission.All / FilePermission.AdminOnly / FilePermission.AdminPartner

fileBytesbyte[]Array of bytes containing the file

CustomFieldsCustomFields[]CustomFields is an array of CustomField objects. Each CustomField consists of two strings, FieldName and Value. There are no datatypes associated with these properties, they are just a way for api-users to add customized data to the object.

Code examples

C# example
FileInfoUpload oFileInfo = new FileInfoUpload
                ContentType = "application/pd",
                fileBytes = data, //array of bytes
                FileName = "test.pdf",
                Owner = new Guid("5b32b92-a7c4-4ce9-f5cb-451ab37faa12"),
                Permission = FilePermission.All

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